[Tutor] i have a question???

Jacob S. keridee at jayco.net
Thu Feb 3 22:04:25 CET 2005

>From what I understand, range() no longer allows you to use floats as 
arguments. (Or it gives you a deprication warning)
This tutorial must be old.

Not the only way, but.

import math
num = 0
while num <= 2*math.pi:
    ## Do stuff to figure pi/6 things

    num = num + math.pi/6.0   ## Don't forget .0 or you'll get an integer 
    print ## Result thingy

Another way is to use Numarry (Numeric) arange() but that takes extra work. 

> This is from a tutorial
> Use the math library to write a program to print out
> the sin and cos of numbers from 0 to 2pi in intervals
> of pi/6. You will need to use the range() function."
> Range won't let me use pi/6 as an incremator
> is there some other way i can accomplish this task
> im new to programming so all the help i can get is
> greatly appreciated.
> NI!
> alex
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