[Tutor] Are you allowed to shoot camels? [kinda OT]

Marilyn Davis marilyn at deliberate.com
Sat Feb 5 01:51:28 CET 2005

On Sat, 5 Feb 2005, Alan Gauld wrote:

> Marilyn,
> > I'll whisper that I'm a tiny bit disappointed to see the vaguely
> > demeaning 'are you joking' theme that has emerged in here.  It's
> > unusual for us to be anything but generous and kind with each other.
> > I guess this is a hot topic.  :^)
> Languages (and editors) are always emotional topics on the 'net...
> But I was actually thinking that here we are on a mailing list having
> a mini-language war and by internet standards its extremely civilised!
> Nobody has called anyone a moron or an idiot yet and an 'are you
> joking' is, to me at least, just a term of speech, not an insult.
> Certainly if anyone has been offended I apologise profusely it
> was never meant thus.

This is a great list.  Please don't apologize.  Super-super-sensitive
people like me are reluctant to post if they sense ridicule, even if
it wasn't intended.  So I'm sorry for my sensitivity.

Thank you again for all the great help I've received, and the safe
place to expose my ignorance.


> Alan G.


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