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Jacob S. keridee at jayco.net
Sat Feb 5 05:22:12 CET 2005

My two bits.

1) Download py2exe found here
2) Make a setup file -- intructions can be found through above link, I 
(Hey that rhymes!)
3) Ask if you want my totally cool automation technique
4) Ask more questions, go on we don't mind.

Jacob Schmidt

> Hi,
> I intend to create compiled python binaries on linux.
> I understand that freeze can be used to do this.
> But I have few doubts i would like to clarify.
> 1. In the freeze documentation i found the lines:
> "One tricky issue: Freeze assumes that the Python
> interpreter and
> environment you're using to run Freeze is the same one
> that would be
> used to run your program, which should also be the
> same whose sources
> and installed files you will learn about in the next
> section.  In
> particular, your PYTHONPATH setting should be the same
> as for running
> your program locally.  (Tip: if the program doesn't
> run when you type
> "python hello.py" there's little chance of getting the
> frozen version
> to run.)"
> My intention is to create files which can be run on
> Linux systems with python not installed.Do the above
> lines mean that freeze can't do it(which defeats the
> very pupose of the program i guess.).
> 2. While compiling with freeze....it seems that it is
> including all the available modules, even if they are
> not required.Of course using freeze -X is one
> option,but it being really cumbersome, is there a
> better option available.
> In case the above issues do present a problem, is
> there any alternative to freeze?
> Shitiz
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