[Tutor] Re: print out lines that start with a word

Wolfram Kraus kraus at hagen-partner.de
Wed Feb 9 09:00:52 CET 2005

Ron Nixon wrote:
> Can anyone tell me what I've done wrong in this
> script.
> I'm trying to get only the lines that start with
> "This" for a text file.
> Here's what I wrote:
>>>>import re
>>>>f = open('c:/lines.txt').readlines()
>>>>for line in f:
> 	match = re.search('^This',f)
> 	if line == match:
> 		print match
Pardon my ignorance, but why is everybody fond of regexps ;-) ? Are they 
faster? What about good ol' startswith(): 

f = open('c:/lines.txt').readlines()
for line in f:
   if line.startswith('This'):
     print line # Or whatever match is, no regexp-expert here, sorry


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