[Tutor] Data storage, SQL?

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Fri Feb 11 13:34:41 CET 2005

Kent Johnson wrote:
> SQL is a standardized language for giving commands to databases. Most 
> (all?) industrial-strength databases use SQL as their command language. 
> (DB-API is actually a wrapper around SQL - it standardizes the API to 
> issue a SQL command and read the results.)
> SQL is kind of a strange beast and has a style and learning curve all 
> its own. It is worth learning if you expect to be using databases much 
> in your future. There are some light-weight databases that don't use SQL 
> (KirbyBase and MetaKit are two) but all of the major ones do.

I don't know any good on-line resources for learning SQL - maybe others have a recommendation. A 
book I like is "The Practical SQL Handbook" by Judith Bowman, Sandra Emerson, Marcy Darnovsky


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