[Tutor] Re: Larger program organization

Javier Ruere javier at ruere.com.ar
Sat Feb 12 05:55:06 CET 2005

Ryan Davis wrote:
> I'm starting to make a code-generation suite in python, customized to
> the way we ASP.NET at my company, and I'm having some trouble finding a
> good way to organize all the code.  I keep writing it, but it feels more
> and more spaghetti-ish every day.
> I'm going to look at the other stuff in site-packages to see if I can
> glean any wisdom, and have googled a bit, coming up mostly blank or with
> trivial examples.  Are there any helpful links or advice anyone has for
> building larger systems? 
> My background is mostly C#, so I'm used to the ridiculous rigidity of
> strongly-typed languages. I have been using python for helper apps for a
> few months now, so am pretty familiar with the syntax now, but I don't
> know any of the patterns yet.  My nefarious goal is to supplant
> C#/ASP.NET with Python, but I need to figure out how to make programs
> clients want to pay for before I can make any reasonable argument.

  I have worked with C# + ASP.NET and liked it very much. It felt more
similar to Python than Java; and ASP.NET rules! :)
  WRT your original question: Organize the code as you would in a C#
project unless it feels unnatural. Sorry about that last condition but
it's the best I can do[1]. :) Get Bicycle Repair Man[2] or another
refactoring browser and hack away!


[1] Some usefull links:

[2] http://bicyclerepair.sourceforge.net/

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