[Tutor] Idle + Firefox solution - hopefully

Lobster zen45800 at zen.co.uk
Sat Feb 12 21:18:20 CET 2005

>> - closing down IDLE and pressing ctrl alt and del
>> I notice that 3 copies of pythonw are in memory
>> I closed these down and IDLE is working again
>for what it's worth, I've never had issues with Firefox and IDLE when 
>running Zone Alarm. (Currently running ZoneAlarm version:
>But the multiple copies of pythonw seems key, and also the sort of 
>thing that better Python minds than most seem to accept they have to 
>live with too: 

Thanks Brian and Danny

Yep - I found closing down the extra versions was a solution
I also ran spybot and found a browser hijacker (just returned from a month in Linux without such hindrances) and it may be somehow related to that - the problem SEEMS to have gone . . .


    I've been pretty happy using IDLE supplemented by SciTe when wanting a
    better editor than that provided by IDLE.


    Brian vdB


Will have a look at SciTe
thanks for your help
- appreciate it . . .

Ed Jason


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