[Tutor] help with refactoring needed -- which approach is morePythonic?

Brian van den Broek bvande at po-box.mcgill.ca
Sat Feb 12 22:34:09 CET 2005

Alan Gauld said unto the world upon 2005-02-12 07:51:


Thanks Alan and Kent for the replies.

I'm responding to a couple of questions Alan asked me about my 
problem. I don't think I have any further questions of my own (yet), 
though. :-)

>>Call it node_linkify. The new thought is to create two new
>>methods for the TP_file class:
>>- One to build a dictionary with Node titles as keys and
>>   a list of the corresponding unique ids as values.
> Which saves searching the node list each time, good idea.
> This dictionary would of course be part of the Head or Body
> object which manages the Nodes?

That's the plan, yes.

>>- Another to pass that list into a the node_linkify Node method,
>>   once for each Node object of the TP_file. 
> Since the node knows its own ID and shouldn't know about
> the other nodes I wonder if it would be better for the
> Body/Head object to pass only what the node needs to
> create the links. Or do the links go to *all* the other
> related nodes? In which case the dictionary entry is fine.
> Alan G.

The Node object being linkified won't know which other Node objects 
need to be linked to until the to-be-linkified Node's article text is 
scanned. So, I think the full dict is needed. The best analogy I can 
come up with for what I am trying to do is this:

Consider a wiki which only supports WikiNames rather than arbitrary 
page names and arbitrary page links. Quite often, in a wiki, people 
add text which could/should have been in the form of a wiki link, but 
they didn't format it that way. For example, there might be a page 
called ExtantWikiName and, on some other page, someone wrote `extant 
wiki name' rather than `ExtantWikiName'. So, one might want a function 
which scanned each page of the wiki, looking for strings which match 
the name of wiki pages, but don't have wiki link formatting and then 
so format them. It seems to me that this method, if a method of each 
wiki page, would need to be given knowledge of all page names in the 

That's pretty much my task, save that my target app doesn't support 
wiki linking, so I need to associate node titles (the analogue of wiki 
page names) with the unique id's of pages with the title to be able to 
generate the links.

Off to code it up!

Thanks and best to all,

Brian vdB

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