[Tutor] DB design

Liam Clarke cyresse at gmail.com
Tue Feb 15 11:26:06 CET 2005


Working my way through the basics of SQL, and I can see that it's very
powerful for searching by different criteria.

I'm already hitting my conceptual troubles however, as I'm visualising
each table as a 'card'.
Always my problems, too much imagination. But yeah, it seems very 1
dimensional. But what I was wondering was is it possible within the
bounds of SQL to contain a SQL query reference as a value, so that
retrieving a certain value retrieves the results of that query i.e.

table foo

a b c

1  2 select d from bar

table bar

d e f

3 4 5 

and select c from foo retrieves d from bar? I know I'm leapfrogging
way ahead of myself, and probably confusing myself unnecessarily, but
I'm just trying to make my cards more 3D in terms of linking data....

Any assistance for my vague question gratefully appreciated.


Liam Clarke

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