[Tutor] design?--having subclassed methods add logic in the middelof class methods

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at freenet.co.uk
Tue Feb 22 05:46:13 CET 2005

> All code below is pseudo-code.
> Is this an acceptable design for doing this?
> # in Node class
> def _parse(self, list_of_lines):
>      # some parsing based on whole list_of_lines
>      for line in list_of_lines:
>          _subclass_preparse(line)
>          # Do line parsing stuff here
> def _subclass_preparse(self, line):
>      '''Dummy method to override'''
>      pass
> # in Subclassed_Node class
> def _subclass_preparse(self, line):
>     '''Subclassed_Node class specific parsing, overrides Node
>     # Do special parsing of the line here here
> Does this scream `Danger -- spaghetti code will result down the

This is a perfectly normal approach. It is even formalised in some
OO dialects which have BEFORE, AROUND and AFTER methods. They work
like this:

class Parent:
  def myMethod(...)

class Child_A(Parent)
  def myMethod(BEFORE,...)  # always execute before Parent method

class Child_B(Parent):
  def myMethod(AFTER,....)  # always execute afyter parent method

class Child_C(Parent):
   def myMethod(AROUND,...) # only execute parent if I explicitly call

Languages without such support use a system of *hooks*, which is
what you have done

class Parent:
   def pre_Method(...): pass  # only for overridding
   def method(...):
      # code here
   def postMetrhod(...): pass  # only for over ridding

> The method name containing `preparse' indicates I might also feel a
> need for a `postparse' structure, too.


Alan G.

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