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Bill Mill bill.mill at gmail.com
Fri Feb 25 18:04:42 CET 2005

Hi Hugo,

> I tried my hands at Stackless too... but still had
> problems implementing the concept.
> Can anyone guide me on how to spawn simultaneously( or
> pseudo simultaneously) running microthreads using
> stackless.
> Here is what i tried..
> ef gencars(num,origin,dest,speed):
>     global adjls
>     global cars
>     global juncls
>     for i in range(num):
>              cars.append(car(orig,dest,speed)
>              task=tasklet(cars[i].run())
>              task.setup('Bind using Setup')
> Now this is what i copied from somewhere...i dont
> claim to understand fully what is happening.Here
> car.run() is a process which takes a long time to
> execute.
> What happens on execution is....One car is initialised
> and then the program waits for its run method to
> complete before proceeding.
> I also feel that there is no clear documentation on
> stackless.
> Show me the light.

You might want to tighten this question up and ask it on python-list.
This is pretty specialized knowledge for the python-tutors list, and I
know for a fact that there are several people who have used greenlets
on python-list.

Just a thought.

Bill Mill
bill.mill at gmail.com

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