[Tutor] Programming challenge (C++ and Python)

Ali Polatel alipolatel at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 1 09:20:19 CET 2005

    Dear Python friends,
    I need a favor.I play chess at a chess server with the name ICC(www.chessclub.com). I want to write a plugin for their interface using Python.
    I don't have any idea about how to write a plugin but I found out that the server administrator has written a Plugin Development Kit in C++ for those who wish to write plugins for the interface.I don't know C++ so I cannot convert this kit into python scripts.Can anyone do this for me? or can anyone examine those scripts and tell me a way how to write those with python?The development kit is avaliable at the site ftp://ftp.chessclub.com/pub/icc/interface/blitzin2/plugins/
under the name PluginDevkit.zip
Any kind of help is appreciated.
Ali Polatel 

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