[Tutor] Newbie question.

Adriaan Louw adriaan at kredcorgroup.com
Fri Jan 28 08:42:53 CET 2005

Good day

I'm totally new to Python. Wow, what a great language!!! 

I want to learn python as quick as possible, for web programming at first, and applications later on. Any leads?

I have an xp windows and ms office machine. (I'm considering linux, but it's a bit daunting?)

How do I run python scripts? Nothing happens when I double-click the filename, in IDLE I only get the code, and not what it does.
I know that cgi-scripts must be called from html. I want to to use a python server for testing. Which is thebest, and how?
Maybe my problem lies with directories? Sub-folders and paths. That's what I gather from the tutorial, but I have no success as yet.

Even pygame, from Start>Programs>Examples, the games doesn't work.

Sorry for all the questions, but I want to learn and grow.

Thank you.

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