[Tutor] A more Pythonic way to do this

D. Hartley denise.hartley at gmail.com
Fri Jul 1 19:58:54 CEST 2005

Just catching up on a few replies:

Alan - yes, Adam pointed out my silly error, and it solved what I
thought was a much bigger problem. Very funny how these things go

And to anyone who's interested:

If you'd like a copy, just shoot me an email and I can zip it up and
send it to you.  I was trying to get it on the web so that I could
just give out a url, but my friend that was going to host it is having
some technical difficulties.

Jacob and Adam, I'll send yours out today.  Also, I'm working on
version "2.0" - more enemies, special shots, more silly arcade
features (requested by my friends who played the game).  So if you
want an update later, just let me know ;)

Thanks for all the support and encouragement, guys - it's just a silly
little arcade game, but I still feel an enormous sense of
accomplishment for having come this far, and couldnt have done it
without you!  You'll notice there's a nod to the python tutor mailing
list in my opening comments for that very reason, ha ha!


On 7/1/05, Jacob S. <keridee at jayco.net> wrote:
> >Good, good. I probably wouldn't have been able to help you if it was
> something so simple but that >screws up your program and makes it hard to
> find out just what is going on. Anyway good look with >anymore tidying on
> that you might be doing. Any chance of a copy?
> >
> >Adam
> Denise, Can I have a copy, too?
> Jacob

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