[Tutor] Avoiding clear text passwords; advice for learning projects.

Bradford R. Bowman bowman at mazirian.com
Sat Jul 2 05:20:37 CEST 2005

I'm new to the list, new to python, and new to programming, so I'll try
not to waste too much of everyone's time here.

I just wrote a little script to detect changes in my dynamic IP address
and, in case of a change, update the DNS records maintained my
registrar, enom.  The update process requires that I send a regular http
GET request containing my domain name and a password to enom's name
server.  Ideally, the script should be automated and quiet unless it
detects a problem.  The program works rather well, but I have written
the required password in clear text right in the code.  I am leery of
storing passwords in clear text.  Does anyone have any advice for hiding
the passwords, but keeping them accessible to the script when it is
invoked automatically (as a cron job)? I suspect I am overlooking
something obvious here.

Also, in addition to the above program, I wrote something that converts
a certain format of playlist file to another such format. That was fun,
but I am running out of useful ideas for further projects that are
within my grasp.  Any suggestions for some other simple projects that
would facilitate developing a good base of python skills?

Bradford R. Bowman <bowman at mazirian.com>

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