[Tutor] search through a list

nephish nephish at xit.net
Sun Jul 3 05:41:09 CEST 2005

hey there
i have a file that i want to read.
each line in the file is the name of a file.
the next line is how many lines are in that file.

example of loglist.txt


so log1 is a text file that has 232 lines in it.

ok, so what i want to do is read this file, see if the file i am looking 
for is in it
and if so, i need to know how many lines are in the file.

here is what i have so far.

import os

#get a list of Logs in logs folder
LogFiles = os.listdir('/home/nephish/Projects/Piv_GCI/logs')

#open the loglist file and read the lines
LogList = open('home/nephish/Projects/Piv/logs/LogList.txt', 'r')
LogsRead = LogList.readlines()

#see if there is  a new log file.
for i in LogFiles:
    if LogFiles[i] not in LogList:
        #if there is a new log, open it and read the lines
            NewLog = open('/home/nephish/Projects/Piv_CGI/logs'+StrName,'r')
            #print the lines (testing only)
            for x in NewLogRead:
                print x
                print '\n'
            print '\n' #end for loop
        else: #if the log file is not new,    

um this is where i am stuck. i need search the LogList for the name of 
the name of the file in LogFiles and get the line number back so i can 
use it to compare with how many lines are in the log file so i can only 
process the data in the new lines ...  does this make sense ?

i need to find the item in a list, and when found, return the next line.

any takers?


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