[Tutor] Uncertain about exceptions

Matej Cepl ceplm at seznam.cz
Wed Jul 6 10:04:26 CEST 2005


I have here two Python modules (see attached), where newsparser.py defines
(among other things) an object SoupReader and an exception
PageNotAvailable. This object (or its children) is then periodically
created in a loop in reprocess.py.

Now, my question is concerned with the use of exception in SoupReader.suck.
The idea is that when the page is not available for download, whole object
goes up in flames, the rest of SoapReader.__init__ is skipped over, and the
exception is then caught in reprocess.py cycle, which makes a note in some
errorlog, that this particular page has not been downloaded, but otherwise
the script continues for other pages. Is it what I am doing here or did I
missed the idea of exceptions at all?

Thanks for any answer,


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