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Byron byron at christianfreebies.com
Sun Jul 10 16:09:14 CEST 2005

Alan G wrote:

>> I was just wondering if it is possible to use Python as a language to 
>> password protect a webpage?   
> Yes it is possible but you will need to have a web server that can run 
> Pyhon and there aren't too many of those on the internet...

However, there are some hosters that do allow Python scripts.  If you 
search google for "web hosters" + Python, you will find a variety of 
them.  One that looks interesting is:  

> OTOH if its a privately owned web server then password protection is 
> usually a standard configuration item of the web server, you just edit 
> a file and tell it to password protect a particular file or folder. 
> Certainly Apache and Xitami work like that, no coding needed.

I agree.  This is by far, the best option -- however, if Nathan is 
wanting to learn how to password protect a page using Python technology, 
I would recommend that he check out the following page:




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