[Tutor] Confused "from module import Name" better than "import module"?

Matt Richardson marichar at csusb.edu
Mon Jul 11 19:19:13 CEST 2005

Kent Johnson wrote:
<heavily snipped>
> from module import * is problematic and discouraged. It causes namespace pollution and makes it harder to find out where a name is defined.
> Other than that I think it is personal preference.

I have avoided the 'from module import *' style for the reasons you 
mentioned, but I have a question about 'import module' versus 'from 
module import name':  is there a performance hit to consider when 
importing the entire module rather than just getting the specific 
niceFunction()?  Right now,it's more of a curiousity as my programs are 
fairly small and don't do a whole lot.  I would imagine that there would 
be a penalty, but for now I'm happy with keeping my namespaces distinct 
and knowing what came from where at a glance.


Matt Richardson
IT Consultant
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