[Tutor] Confused "from module import Name" better than "import module"?

Matt Richardson marichar at csusb.edu
Mon Jul 11 19:56:43 CEST 2005

Kent Johnson wrote:

> This is good stuff to understand, but really, it isn't going to make an appreciable difference in most applications. Where it does matter, for example if func() is called many times in a loop, the best solution will probably be to bind func to a local variable which is the fastest to access.
> Pick the style that you find most practical and readable and don't worry about efficiency.
> Kent

Thanks for the explanation.  It won't make a difference in this really 
short program I'm putting together, but I was curious about it.  Going 
through the library reference I found a bunch of modules that would 
replace some ugly (but working) code I had, then started to wonder if 
importing a bunch of different modules would have much of an effect.  In 
any case, I'm more concerned with readability.


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