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I have a Python script that stores the results of the processing that it
does in a 
database, but it has to have an alternate way of storing its data in a
database-friendly way (XML)in case the database is not available ( connected
down, data store full, etc. ).

Any recommendations on a way to do this? i.e. what modules what methods? 

Thanks in advance, 

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On Tue, 12 Jul 2005 10:49:22 +0100
Dave S <pythontut at pusspaws.net> wrote:

> This is a bit OT but here goes.
> My work wants me to write a fairly large python script to analyze some 
> technical ASCII data files. Python and its libraries are GPL.
> That being the case am I right in thinking that my script would also 
> have to be GPL and I would have to inform my employer as I hand it 
> over ?
> Secondly it would have to run in Windows, The results could pop up on 
> a DOS window. However I was looking at QT until I read the Windows 
> license. Are there any widget libraries that would allow me to program 
> for windows commercially without any license or fees ?
> Thanks in advance
> Dave

While Python is not GPL'ed, any work you do release under a GPL license can
be used in-house without being redistributed.  In a sense, that makes it
proprietary, but it's still libre for the user - the main point of the GPL. 
As long as the program is not being redistributed, the GPL does not apply. 
IOW, your company is not forced to release the code.  As soon as your
employer distributes the code outside the company (public release), it falls
under the terms of the GPL.  

The GPL FAQ is available at the FSF website, and offers some excellent
answers to interesting questions.  As stated in another e-mail the current
Python license is compatible with the GPL.  There were a couple of versions
of Python (1.?.?) that the FSF considered incompatible.  The GPL is
copyleft, the Python License is a non-copyleft license, meaning that the
code can be made proprietary.

Don, who is preparing for his presentation on FOSS licenses at next month's
CharLUG meeting. :-)
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