[Tutor] Query dictionaries with sql-like syntax

Negroup - negroup at gmail.com
Wed Jul 13 15:41:49 CEST 2005

2005/7/13, Sandip Bhattacharya <sandip at lug-delhi.org>:
> Negroup - wrote:
> Why dont you use python-sqlite to dump your data? You might need to
> modify your sql slightly(depending on your current db), but rest is all sql.

Thanks for the suggestion, I didn't even know about python-sqlite
existence... Probably, in another occasion I'll need to develop a such
migra-tool I will at least consider to use python-sqlite. Now it would
be quite hard (a lot of work has already been done).

Anyway, I'm learning Python and just for exercise I'll try to
implement a simple sql-like interface for querying dictionaries!

Thank you.

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