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Sandip Bhattacharya sandip at lug-delhi.org
Thu Jul 14 05:25:35 CEST 2005

> One of the applications that uses GTK+ (version 2.X) and Python is
> BitTorrent¹ (starting with version 4.0).  As far as I know, all GTK+ 2.x
> applications under Windows have a native look.  I don't know my self as
> I don't have Windows. 

I use gimp on windows regularly. And the latest version of gimp for
windows uses Gtk2.0. I wouldn't call this a native look, even if I dont
see any aesthetic problem with Gtk2.0. Take a look at the following
screenshot of Gimp for windows.


I have a soft corner for Gtk myself, but I still can't say that it has a
native windows look.

BTW, thanks for the bittorrent link. Good to see Bram using Gtk now.
Installing megs of wxwindows/python just to run bittorrent on various
linux distros was quite a pain.

> GTK+ is licensed under the GNU's LGPL (Lesser General Public License,
> found in the source code or from the web²) which pretty much allows you
> to link property code without any restrictions on that code *only*!
> (Any modifications to the GTK+ source must be re-released to the public
> of the whole package to be distributed or requested from a client who
> have received a copy of said package/application.)

You really should look at the wxwindows licence then.

It is LGPL + more freedom for commercial users.

> Sorry for being nit-picky (this is the 2nd time this day but on another
> list!).


- Sandip

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