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Hello List
	I am working on creating a Domain Specific Language that will solve 
partial differential equations. The user will enter a equation in 
pseudo code format.  I will need to parse the equation. Here is the BNF 
for the equation
<Pgm>		:=<Loophead><Body>
<Loophead>	:=Do<Vector><Vector>
<Vector>	:=(<Seq>)
<Seq>		:=<Int>,<Seq> |<Int>
<Body>		:=<Left> = <Right>
<Left>		:=A(<Svector>)
<Svector>	:=(<Sseq>)
<Sseq>		:= <Id> , <Sseq> | <Id>
<Id>		:= <Letter>| <Id><Letter>|<Id><Digit>
<Letter>	:=<A-Za-z>
<Digit>		:=<0-9>
<Right>		:=<Stencil>+<Func>
<Stencil>	:=<Factor>+<Stencil>|<Factor>
<Factor>	:=<Float>A(<Svector>+<Vector>)

It was decided to use Spark for the base for the compiler. To use Spark 
all that is need is to just add a new class with the above BNF to parse 
the equation. There is a good paper called "Charming the Python" that 
was used as a template. The problem I am having is, how do I code the 
Non-Terminals of the BNF. Terminal states like <Letter> are easy to 
code using regular expression. Here is my function for state   <Letter>

def t_Letter(self,s):

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