[Tutor] how to add python code to a webpage

EJP ejp at zomething.com
Mon Jul 18 12:24:13 CEST 2005

Mustafa Abbasi asked:

i want to create a simple page which has a form
and takes in persons date of birth and give out exact age.
how do i add python codeto an html page.
i don't have any dreamweaver or frontpage.
this is basically cuz some freinds advised me to create this isnce i am learning programming python..
so please help 

Mustfa, it sounds like you want a cgi script.  The Python script would reside on a server, and your webpage would send the form data to that script.  Often such script are kept in a "folder" called a cgi-bin.

You would want to get a basic understanding of "cgi" first.  You will find cgi mentioned both in Python documentation, and in Google search results for "cgi".

Good luck.

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