[Tutor] Hy, I'm a n00b to Python, have some questions

Alan G alan.gauld at freenet.co.uk
Mon Jul 18 16:17:26 CEST 2005

> I am a Java/PHP programmer.

Sorry to hear it ;-)

> I read the tutorial and I like the language. I am more interested 
> in the web capabilities of the platform (CPython).

For serious web work with python look at Zope.


> 1. Is there any decent forum were people are talking in python ?

Lots, look in the communities page for mailing lists etc.

There is a wiki too.

And of course comp.lang.python on newnet.

> 2. what about speed ? 
> Is it something to be concerned about ? 
> Does anyone know how it compares to PHP ? 
> (for Java I allready know)

The above set of questions are self contradictory.
If you know about Java that means you know that Python 
is sometimes faster than Java and sometimes slower 
depending on what you are doing, how you build it etc. 
( The same applies to almost any language including 
assembler - badly written assembler can be much worse 
than well written python utilising maoinly C libraries...)

In practice almost any programming language will be 
"fast enough" for most purposes. IF OTOH you want to 
build a killer web site taking millions of hits per 
day you may want to look elsewhere (but it wouldn't 
be PHP or Java either!) or be prepared to spend a 
fortune on hardware... And probably both.

> 3. I want any usefull resources you can provide me with 


> 4. What's the hottest web framework right now that 
> does not require an application server (meaning that 
> it runs on fastcgi)

Why constrain the solution? If an app server can run fast 
and small why not use one? Popular Python web platforms 
exist, they are nearly all freeware so try them and see 
what suits. Zope is the battleship, CherryPy(sp?) the 
lightweight with vanilla CGI etc around in various forms.

> Also, why is www.python.org <http://www.python.org> so ugly :) ? 

Dunno, its always been ugly since I started with Python in 1997 
or so...


Alan G.

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