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  My original interest was for school, now I use it to develop games and apps. I work at McDonalds Restaurant as Crew. I have developed another app called mini_calc and a game called Guess the Number; and was working on Giant Calculator, but gave up on it. I am also working on a MasterMind-like game, but it giving me headaches :).

  Nathan Pinno.
  P.S. Enjoy the shape_calc. You can find Mini_calc and Guess the Number on my site at this address: http://www.npinnowebsite.ca/download.htm. 
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    Hi Nathan, thanks for the email, please send it to me, would like to improve my understanding.


    What do u do? What's your interest in Python? Have you developed any other apps using Python?


    Kind regards


    Raj Moodley 



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      Shape_calc is a calculator for finding information about shapes, e.g. perimeter, area, and so forth.


      HTH (Hope This Helps),

      Nathan Pinno

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        Hi Nathan, wanted to find out what is shape_calc.py about? Am a newbie.


        Kind regards


        Raj Moodley


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