[Tutor] OFFLIST Re: replaying

geon geon at post.cz
Tue Jul 19 08:37:39 CEST 2005

Brian van den Broek napsal(a):

>> * There is no reason for questioner not to like to see my replay in 
>> mailing list, I think. Why would he do it? Why should he want me just 
>> for him?
> Sometimes I write privately. Sometimes people write me in private. 
> Most often in public, but sometimes people choose private. Like this 
> time. As Danny just wrote, this is not about Python, so I choose to 
> write a private email.
> I certainly have on other lists embarrassed :-[ myself by writing the 
> list when I meant to write a private email. That way, much 
> embarrassment and many people lose time. :-(
> The Tutor list way, if I get it wrong, little embarrassment and 2 
> people loose time. :-|

Sometimes , yes sometimes. The mailing list main mission should be to 
help all and not to support private messaging. In this case the 
statistics should come in. What is more often? To replay to the public 
or to the questioner?

I would forgive some private messages in maling list if I could read 
well done answers to troubles I do need. In this system, that support 
private replays, most of quality answers fade away.....

I might reapeted myself: the mailing should support collaboration in 
public, sharing the wisdom. Not just solving trouble of a single man, 
not substitue private chats.

Of course, its all up to you, I open this thread only because it was so 
unusualy from all what I have seen up to now, that I just wanted to keep 
my habits.....

Best wishes

The Exlusion is Rule.

P.S. Replay to All sends two emails, not just one to list, and that is 
also not what I would like to do.

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