[Tutor] Buffering problem using subprocess module

Smith, Jeff jsmith at medplus.com
Tue Jul 19 14:34:25 CEST 2005

I am using the subprocess module in 2.4.  Here's the fragment:

	import sys, subprocess
	proc = subprocess.Popen('python bufcallee.py', bufsize=0,
shell=True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
	for line in proc.stdout:

	import time
	print 'START'
	print 'STOP'

Although the documentation says that the output should be unbuffered
(bufsize=0) the program (bufcaller) pauses for 10 seconds and then
prints START immediately followed by 'STOP' rather than pausing 10
seconds in between them.  Note that I made bufcallee a Python script for
ease of the example but in the real-world problem I am trying to solve
it is simply an executable.

Any ideas?

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