[Tutor] Help with ebay profit/loss program error

jfouhy@paradise.net.nz jfouhy at paradise.net.nz
Wed Jul 20 00:43:34 CEST 2005

Quoting Sam Klinger <fire.fox005 at gmail.com>:

> Hi my name is Sam Klinger and I made a smal program to help find out
> the cost of listing and selling an item on ebay. However I see nothing
> wrong with the code but I get these error messages:

Hi Sam,

The problem is here:

> def listing_price():
>  price=input('What is the starting price?')

This gets input from the user and stores it in a _local_ variable 'price'.  When
the function terminates, the variable goes out of existence.

This means that, later on:

> #Computes the price of insertion
> def compute_insertion_fee():
>  if price <= .99:
>  price= price+.25

'price' does not exist, so you get the error you are seeing.

I recommend making use of the fact that functions can take parameters and can
return values.  For example:

def listing_price():
 price = float(raw_input('What is the starting price?'))
 return price

def compute_insertion_fee(price):
 if price <= 0.99:
# etc

#Gets a menu choice from user
menu_choice = 0
while menu_choice !=7:
 menu_choice = int(raw_input("type in a number (1-7): "))
 if menu_choice == 1:
  price = listing_price()
# etc

Incidentally: It is better to use raw_input, rather than input, for reasons that
have been discussed several times on this list recently :-)


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