[Tutor] confusing smtp problem

Reed L. O'Brien reed at intersiege.com
Thu Jul 21 16:21:14 CEST 2005

nephish wrote:
> Sorry about the delay getting back on this one guys,
> yeah, i am running a linux machine.
> no firewall between here and there (both behind a firewall router)
> yeah, sylpheed does send on port 25
> the windows machine has the Merek email server on board.
> i would like my scripts to be able to send to it,
> as a backup, but the debian linux MTA (Exim i think) is working.
> So it isn't too big a deal if it does not.
> telnet and helo does work, it lets me in from the command line 
> from the linux machine (where my python scripts are) to the win
> machine (where the other mail server is)
> we dont need POP for this at all, we are sending only.
> incidentally, i appreciate you guys time and attention to this.
> all the best,
> shawn

Does it still give the same error????
 ib.py", line 347, in getreply
 raise SMTPServerDisconnected("Connection unexpectedly closed")
 SMTPServerDisconnected: Connection unexpectedly closed
 or is it different??

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