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Also, please use punctuation and paragraphs. I'm not a grammar Nazi per se, 
but sheesh, that
stuff is unreadable. 

And, as a general rule, a 56 kilobits pers second will download at
5.6Kilobytes per second at the very best. You're lucky to get 4
Kilobytes per
second. Hence, ADSL is good.

On 7/23/05, byron at christianfreebies.com <byron at christianfreebies.com> wrote:
> Quoting Suranga Sarukkali <surangasa at gmail.com>:
> > Hay, you know what? when I connect to the internet the modem 
> software(Error
> > Free Software for Sure) say's a around 50-53.3Kbps connected though when 
> I
> > download a file from a server not p2ps or any of the kind service the
> > downloads are even when connection is idle without any other method of
> > bandwidth usage the downloads are at 4 Kilobytes per second but that 
> should
> > be around 8 Kilobytes per second as a thumb rule, you know that right? 
> so I
> > wonder is it's the malware or any type or WHAT could be the reason or 
> even
> > not how to get the said 53.3k (8KBs per second) download rate to my pc? 
> oh
> > remember to reply to me as soon as possible.
> Hi Suranga,
> This is a Python programming group. If you have any Python questions, then 
> this
> is the place to ask them. However, Anything outside of that scope will
> probably not get you too much help. ;-)
> Byron
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