[Tutor] How do I go about this?

Luis N tegmine at gmail.com
Wed Jul 27 23:01:42 CEST 2005

On 7/27/05, Nathan Pinno <falcon3166 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
>  How do I go about the following: I want to write a program that will 
> print two lists one after another, then show all the available possibilities 
> for matches e.g a0 and x0.
>  Here is what I have so far:
>  lista = [x0, x1, x2, x3]
> listb = [a0, a1, a2, a3]
> print lista
> print listb
> Thanks for the help,
> Nathan Pinno


Could you give some additional information as to what you intend to do? If 
you are strictly matching, by position within the lists, such that you would 
print the list elements only if: 

for x in range(min(len(lista),len(listb))):
a = lista[x]
b = listb[x]
if a == b:
print a, b

that is easy, however, if you want to match more complex patterns, or wish 
to match list elements not in the same position then the complexity of the 
task increases.
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