[Tutor] Regular expression error

Bernard Lebel 3dbernard at gmail.com
Thu Jul 28 21:08:49 CEST 2005


I'm using regular expressions to check if arguments of a function are
valid. When I run the code below, I get an error.

Basically, what the regular expression "should" expect is either an
integer, or an integer followed by a letter (string). I convert the
tested argument to a string to make sure. Below is the code.

# Create regular expression to match
oPattern = re.compile( r"(\d+|\d+\D)", re.IGNORECASE )

# Iterate provided arguments
for oArg in aArgs:
	# Attempt to match the argument to the regular expression
	oMatch = re.match( str( oArg ), 0 )

The error I get is this:

#ERROR : Traceback (most recent call last):
#  File "<Script Block >", line 208, in BuildProjectPaths_Execute
#    aShotInfos = handleArguments( args )
#  File "<Script Block >", line 123, in handleArguments
#    oMatch = re.match( str( oArg ), 0 )
#  File "D:\Python24\Lib\sre.py", line 129, in match
#    return _compile(pattern, flags).match(string)
#TypeError: expected string or buffer
# - [line 122]

I have to admit I have no idea what is going here, I'm very new to
Python's regular expressions.
I have used some prints and I know the error occurs at the re.match() call.


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