[Tutor] JBUS and Python which way

Alan G alan.gauld at freenet.co.uk
Sun Jul 31 10:27:56 CEST 2005


I've never heard of JBUS but if its an RS232 protocol then it is 
to get Python to talk to RS232 posts using various 'serial' comms 
Its not the easiest thing in the world but itss definitely possible.


Alan G.

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Subject: [Tutor] JBUS and Python which way

> Hi,
> I understand the subject is advanced, but I'm a newbie without a 
> technological background making some technology research for a 
> company I work for.
> I wonder if there is a library for accessing/interpreting JBUS 
> protocol in Python.
> Also, I've searched the net looking for some information so that I 
> could have a birds-eye-view on this subject and got the impression 
> that a possibility is to have the communication (JBUS protocol / 
> buffering) managed by some hardware component. Is this so? Can 
> some-one give me some pointers/resources on this subject. Would it 
> still be possible to work with Python.
> My aim is to have an idea of the alternatives technologies for 
> accessing information produced by a machine with a JBUS interface 
> (RS232) and how to access this information realtime in Python 
> (connecting a PC locally via serial port).
> Hope this makes any sense.
> All help appretiatted.
> Txs,
> mjkel
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