[Tutor] Class reference problem?

spartan-ii@tds.net spartan-ii at tds.net
Sat Jun 4 06:39:14 CEST 2005

 > Hmmm... you may want to modify the print statements slightly to make
 > it more clear which of the two print statements are being displayed.

 > As the code stands, it's not clear that 'condition' is ever set to true.

/me slaps himself in the forehead.

After modifying the print statements as suggested, it turns out that the 
memory addresses aren't changing. Only the second print statement was 
executing (as you said might be the case), which would explain why no 
two printed memory addresses were ever the same.

 > I just want to make sure you're testing what you think you're testing.

I appreciate it. So, thank you! If you hadn't pointed that out, I would 
probably have continued pulling my hair out over something so minor as 
an if statement not being executed. Back to bug searching, I guess.

Talk about embarrassing. :)

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