[Tutor] Pythonese/Efficiency/Generalese critique please

Lee Cullens leec03273 at mac.com
Sat Jun 4 18:47:25 CEST 2005

Pythonese/Efficiency/Generalese critique please

I'm new to Python and as an exercise created a little utility  
module.  I'm learning from the O'Reilly books and updating that  
understanding from the 2.4 documentation.

The utility produces a csv file of a specified directory tree for  
import to a spreadsheet application.  My first attempt employed  
os.walk(), but I found converting the results of such more  
troublesome than the recursive approach of this version.

Including the module code in this email puts it a little over the 40K  
limit (lots of comments) so I uploaded it to my dotMac iDisk:
On a Mac (at least) the .py is recognized as an executable and warns  
of such so Ctrl click (right click) and open with your programming  
text editor.  It would fail to run anyway without arguments.

I would appreciate any comments you see fit to offer.

Thank you,
Lee C
Dual 2.5 Power Macintosh G5 (OS 10.4.1)

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