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Michael P. Reilly arcege at gmail.com
Sat Jun 4 19:32:46 CEST 2005

On 6/3/05, Cedric BRINER <work at infomaniak.ch> wrote:
> hi,
> How can I know if a script is launched interactively or not because I'd 
> like to make a script verbose or not depending if it is executed as 
> interactive or not.
> eg.
> If I invoke it in a shell.. then it can be verbose
> If it is launched from a crontab.. then it is less verbose.
> Ced.

If you want to know if your program has been launched from an interactive 
terminal or from a system background process like cron or init, then you 
look to see if stdin is a tty. Unix is usually very careful about who has a 
"controlling tty" and who does not. In Python, file objects have an isatty() 
method that will return True or False.

import sys
isinteractive = sys.stdin.isatty()
if isinteractive:

How you make a program this way manually (i.e. to make a program into cron) 
is slightly more complicated, but still all the tools are there in Python.

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