[Tutor] Text problem

EUGENE ASTLEY erastley at charter.net
Tue Jun 7 21:22:51 CEST 2005

Python, pygames problem.
At the end of my game, I go back to the desk top after displaying the
score of the player, as follows:
Def game_over(self)
Games.Message(screen = self.screen,
            X = 400, y = 400
            Text + "Your Score is  " + str(Game.score_value),
            Size = 60, color = color.green,
            Lifetime = 1000, after_death = self.screen.quit()
This works well but I would like to have several lines of text. The
triple quote method does not work. How can I get several lines of text
into the message?
I can't find the syntax that is legal for the games.message command.
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