[Tutor] Calling a function

Kevin Reeder reederk at comcast.net
Thu Jun 9 08:45:59 CEST 2005

I'm having trouble with this code which is meant to run a time
comparison between two similar functions. The first module is

def lots_of_appends():
    zeros = []
    for i in range(10000):		
def one_multiply():
    zeros = [0] * 10000

The second module is timings.py.

import time, makezeros

def do_timing(num_times, *funcs):
    totals = {}
    for func in funcs: totals[func] = 0.0
	for x in range(num_times):
	for func in funcs:
	    starttime = time.time()
	    stoptime = time.time()
	    elapsed = stoptime-starttime
	    totals[func] = totals[func] + elapsed
	 for func in funcs:
	     print "Running %s %d times took %.3f seconds" %
(func.__name__, num_times, totals[func])    

do_timing(100, (makezeros.lots_of_appends, makezeros.one_multiply))

Here's the outcome I get:

$ python ./Python/timings.py
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "./Python/timings.py", line 17, in ?
    do_timing(100, (lots_of_appends, one_multiply))
  File "./Python/timings.py", line 10, in do_timing
TypeError: 'tuple' object is not callable

BTW, the code is taken straight out of Learning Python, but I've
been banging my head on it for awhile. Any ideas??


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