[Tutor] Which Popen For Win32?

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I am using the Winzip 9.0 Command Line Add-on to archive very large files (
1GB and over ) that are too large to be handled by Zipfile( this bug has
been reported but not resolved ). I tried calling the external program using
os.system(), but something about the output crashes my IDE ( Eclipse ), so I
started looking for a way to run the external application without capturing
the output, as I only care about the exit code ( 0 is good, anything else is
bad ). Here is what I have to far:

    myCmd = os.popen( "%s %s %s %s" % ( zipCommand, zipParameters,
archive,fpath ), 'w' )
    return myCmd.close()

Currently, I have no idea what is being returned by the "close()" method, it
doesn't appear to be the exit code, so perhaps it is the output of the
command. If so, how can I capture and return the exit code?

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>> ftp.storbinary(stor file_to_transfer, open(file_to_transfer,"r"))
>You need to create the command as a string: ftp.storbinary("stor " + 

That worked perfectly, I was way off.



p.s. sorry for the out of thread message, my mail seems to
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