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D. Hartley denise.hartley at gmail.com
Thu Jun 23 01:46:09 CEST 2005

Hello, everyone!

I hope this isnt the wrong place to post this, but the internet has
not been very helpful to me on this point.

I am looking for several (open-source, obviously) clones of Bejeweled
(the pop cap game) or something like it.  There is one listed at
pygame (and that same one is referenced at sourceforge and other
places), and I have downloaded it and am trying to go through the
code, but it's made up of 46 different .py files, none of which seem
to be the "main" game (lots of little modules, like an input box, a
high score list, etc).  It's a lot harder for someone new to
programming to read. (It doesn't actually play on my computer either,
but that's another matter).

Also, the reason that I would like to see several examples is that I
would like to see how different people approach things like keeping
track of the columns' being filled or not, how they approach timing
questions, whether or not they give hints, that kind of thing.  I did
this when first beginning python, with simple arcade games: it helps
me a great deal to see how different people try to do the same (or
similar) things in their code, especially when that code is actually
documented.  As I've said in here a hundred times, I am very new to
this, and I know that my experience with space invaders - type games
really helped solidify my understanding of what I was doing in my own
game.  I have donwloaded tetris clones as well, and have made one
myself (getting toward the falling objects idea, anyway), but they
havent been on a static board which is filled at all times with
objects. Nor have I ever, actually, done anything with mouse clicks

In any case, I am certainly not asking for howto's on all these
complex subjects.  For one, I have stacks of howto's and other books
at my disposal, and what's more, I want to figure it out on my own. 
What I *am* looking for, if you have it or know of anyone who does, is
*simple* source code files (preferrably the entire game's code is in
one .py file), with lots of documentation, to familiarize myself
further with examples of code, and particularly, to see how others
attack some of the problems I am looking at now.

Does anyone have any little "gamelets" like these, or know of
well-documented comparable examples?  I'd particularly love some
bejeweled examples, but really, the more "little examples" I can look
through and play with the better off I am.  (And yes, I have checked
and regularly do check pygame, sourceforge, google, and the like - I'm
just looking for others that a). might not get posted online, b).
someone just was playing around with, or c). that you have or know of
that are particularly easy to 'read').

Thanks for any suggestions!


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