[Tutor] CGIXMLRPCRequestHandler doesn't actually work, does it?

Ron Phillips RPhillips at engineer.co.summit.oh.us
Fri Jun 24 15:03:24 CEST 2005

Run a simple CGI server by opening a command line to the parent dir of
cgi-bin and running
python -c "import CGIHTTPServer; CGIHTTPServer.test()"

Oh, dear -- I responded before I read your post, Kent. It turns out it
was option b), after all. But I had NO idea I would need to do anything
like the little clip above. Anything else I run under CGI, I just send
an HTTP request and it works. I read, and read, and read, but never read
anything about starting a CGIHTTPServer -- I'll look it up right away,
but I can't see how I missed that. Maybe by Googling "XMLRPC", which was
what I really wanted to do.
Anyway, thank you -- if I can find them again, I'll respond to all
those other posts with a link to yours in the archives.
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