[Tutor] CGIXMLRPCRequestHandler doesn't actually work, does it?

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Fri Jun 24 18:13:56 CEST 2005

Ron Phillips wrote:
> What I ran before were simple little test scripts of the "HelloWorld.py" 
> variety. I would put them in the cgi-bin directory and invoke them with 
> the browser, or with the HTTPLib in the command line, and I would get 
> something back.

OK, that is a good test.
> When I invoke any script in the cgi-bin that has CGIXMLRPCRequestHandler 
> in it through localhost or localhost:80, the program freezes right up. 

Which program freezes up? The client, IIS, or the CGI?

> Nothing returned, nothing in the IIS error log, no reply at all. 
> However, the little test scripts that you and Joe provided run just fine 
> as long as I don't use IIS as the server. Maybe I should have posted 
> "IIS and CGIXMLRPCRequestHandler doesn't work at all!!" Seriously, it 
> looks like my IIS installation is at fault -- probably some setting I 
> need to change.

Try putting this at the top of your Python CGI:
import cgitb
cgitb.enable(display=0, logdir='C:/temp')
where logdir points to a writable directory.

Then try accessing the cgi and see if anything is written to the log dir. Hopefully it will give a clue to what is going wrong.


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