[Tutor] Help with Tkinter teachers' report program?

Ike hall at nhn.ou.edu
Fri Jun 24 22:49:04 CEST 2005

for tabs, try the PMW library, notebook widget.  its fairly easy to use 
I have found.

Adam Cripps wrote:

>I am a teacher and have written this little Python/Tkinter application
>to help me with my report writing:
>It's released under GPL and was quite fun to write. 
>However, currently the application only allows for 15 statements to be
>managed. Increasing it to 25 would be easy. But I'm not sure how I
>would manage the widget to present 100 or organise the statements
>according to subjects.
>Can anyone have a look at the code - perhaps run it and if possible
>suggest a way of implementing many more statements? Tabbed frames
>would be a good way forward (where each tab is a school subject) but
>under Tkinter they don't appear to be that easy.

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