[Tutor] Alternative File I/O for Tuples (fwd)

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Tue Jun 28 11:50:54 CEST 2005

Don Parris wrote:
> Just getting back to this - Mondays are always hectic.  This recipe is the
> one I saw and like.  It looks cool!  In my brief efforts tinkering with it,
> I am not really getting very far.  I saved the recipe, and import it into
> the file containing all my database functions.  In one of the
> functions, I have the following:
> I used the "from tbl_Tabs import *" approach to import the recipe.  If I
> should be doing this differently, just say so.
>     for record in Results:
>         print '%-15s\t%-15s\t%-15s' % record    
> # I still want to print to screen, then...
>         mbrPhone = open('mbrPhone.txt', 'w')
>         mbrPhone.write(indent(record, hasHeader=False, separateRows=True))
>         mbrPhone.close()

The problem is you are just passing one record to indent(). It processes the whole table at once so you have to pass the list of records, i.e.
        mbrPhone.write(indent(Results, hasHeader=False, separateRows=True))

and do this outside the loop or you will write the file once for every record. So your code should look like this:

    for record in Results:
        print '%-15s\t%-15s\t%-15s' % record    
# I still want to print to screen, then...

    # Notice different indent from your code
    mbrPhone = open('mbrPhone.txt', 'w')
    mbrPhone.write(indent(Results, hasHeader=False, separateRows=True))

> I first assumed that "record", and then "Results" could be substituted for
> "rows", per the recipe.  I also tried "rows", and assigning "record", and
> then "Results" to "rows".  O.k., you can laugh all you want.  I tried
> playing with the various arguments, and found that to be of little value.
> The traceback refers to a type error: iteration over a non-sequence.  The
> query returns a tuple, as I understand it.  I also understand a tuple to be
> a sequence.  If this is really as simple as the 3 lines you pointed out
> above, I know I'm missing something in the implementation.

Yes, a tuple is a sequence. If you still get an error with the code above, please post the exact error message and traceback (copy / paste from the output), there is a lot of useful information in it that can be lost if you paraphrase.


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