[Tutor] Criticism / Suggestions

Bill Kranec billk at fastmail.fm
Tue Mar 1 04:06:44 CET 2005


So I think that I've 'completed' my first real Python program, and I 
would appreciate any constructive criticism you all could offer.  The 
program deals with a question that my Dad asked me awhile ago, which was 
"If twelve people want to divide into teams of two and play (golf) 
against each other, can a series of rounds be constructed such that each 
player is teammates with each other player only once, and play against 
each other as opponents no more then 3 times" ( that last bit might or 
might not be 'optimal'.

My program:
1. Defines a round as a list, for example [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12], 
meaning player 1 & player 2 vs. player 3 & player 4, etc.  I have 
generated all such possible rounds ( I think ).
2. Defines a tournament iterator object, which uses two functions, 
checkTeammates and checkOpponents, to build a tournament satisfying the 
above criteria.

Like I mentioned before, this is my first fairly complex program, and is 
also my first real use of things like exceptions, objects, and list 
comprehensions.  Basically I would like to know weather or not I used 
these structures properly, weather or not my syntax is good, and if 
there are any places with potential for improvement.  ( This version is 
somewhat slow, but is much faster than previous versions that I have 
written. )  I've tried to have as many comments as possible to help 

Code aside, my algorithm may or may not be the best.  Feel free to 
suggest improvements.

The code is located at http://rafb.net/paste/results/lrd5DG32.html.

Thanks for any thoughts!


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