[Tutor] Anyone know of a window utility to reverse engineer unknownbinary graphic file format?

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at freenet.co.uk
Sun Mar 6 01:08:51 CET 2005

> I have some graphics files from an old DOS game that I want to
convert to
> a normal .png or whatever. Anyone know of a program that can load
> binary data and view it multiple different ways? Like treating the
> data as 1 bit, 4 bit, 8 bit, planar, linear, adjust the pitch and
> offset, etc. in some kind of GUI until you get a recognizable image?

I usually just rename the file by changing the extension till
something succeeeds in opening it!

There are some graphics format convertors around however so it
might be worth googling for them and see if any do auto format

Alan G.

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