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Alan Gauld alan.gauld at freenet.co.uk
Sun Mar 13 15:28:57 CET 2005

>     ok i have learned that on the python shell or new window you can
> in......>>>print "hello world"...and the output is ..'hello world'..
or you can
> put in anything realy and it say it back to you.....is this a
program or what

Yes it is a program. And believe it or not the PC processor is
actually performing
literally hundreds of micro steps to do that one print statement.

> and what is the purpose of this can you realy use this for any thing
other then
> it just saying it back.

Yes, once you learn how to store data you can use print to print it
back out again.
A program that can't display any results is not much use!

> program and what i need to know to write them and if this is a
program teach me
> how to write better programs i can use outside of the python

Try one of the non programmers tutorials on the Python web site.

Mine is one example, try it, if you don't like the style try another
there are several to choose from. If you find a bit you don't
first try it again to see if you can figure it out (best way to
then if still stuck send a queston to this list.
Include any error messages you get in the posting!

> have been reading and reading web pages and they talk about languges
and things
> but i have yet to see any languges or anything to teach me the
> languges....please help me....THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH !!!!!

Hopefully my tutorial and the other  non-programmers ones will do just

Alan G
Author of the Learn to Program web tutor

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