[Tutor] Port 43 whois.ripe.net

Øyvind python at kapitalisten.no
Tue Mar 15 10:56:36 CET 2005


I need to query the whois at Ripe.net. It tells me to connect to port 43.
I have found a description how to connect with .Net.
http://www.aspheute.com/english/20000825.asp I am not very familiar with
network protocols, but assume this will be no big problem with Python. Can
someone point me in the right direction to what modules I would use in
Python to connect to the whois-server. I would also appriciate if someone
had a link to a 'dummies' tutorial/manual/faq for the networking theory I
need, or any hints about the direction I should look...

Thanks in advance....

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